Meet Ruger

15 Months Old - Male

German Shepherd

Dutch Shepherd Mix

Dog Friendly

Good with Children

Gentle and Loving

Learns Quickly


Hi! My name is Ruger and I'm a 1 1/2 year old male German Shepherd/Dutch Shepherd mix. People tell me I'm one handsome boy! When I am not out walking with foster parents or playing nicely with my 3 doggie foster siblings, my favorite pastime is cuddling my humans and giving them kisses! My doggie foster siblings have been teaching me so many new things. I've already learned how to use the doggie door just by following them around! Now, they are teaching me how much fun it is to play with toys! When I am out and about, I observe the world around me by perking up my ears yet things like cars, people, other dogs or loud noises don't bother me! I like to take things in stride. 'Easy Going' is my middle name. I would love to follow you around and look at you adoringly. I will be so grateful for a family of my very own! Will you fill out an application so you can meet me?

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