Holly is a one and a half year old, large German Shepherd who is the sweetest, friendliest shepherd you will ever meet! She soaks up any and all affection and attention that comes her way. Although she lives with and plays with both big and small dogs, she is most content just following you around the house and will look for a cozy spot to hang out near you, preferably on the couch with her head on your lap! While she has been with her foster, she has learned to sit on command before getting treats or meals and to not beg at the table. This beautiful girl is house broken and uses a doggy door. If you have a pool, Holly will be so happy! One of her favorite pastimes is splashing on the first step of the pool. Holly has just discovered that playing with toys is so much fun. Being a big puppy, she would love lots of toys to chew on in her new home so your shoes will be safe! At first, she may be confused by her new surroundings so a gentle adopter who will show her love and patience as she adjusts is wanted! Once approved, her foster will contact you to meet this amazing girl. 

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