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Maria is a rescue veteran with over a decade of experience saving animals.  Not one to breed discriminate, she has had Chihuahuas, German Shepherds, Pitbulls, Retrievers, and many different types of dogs come through her home. Maria's heart is with seniors and special needs animals but her expertise is with high-risk and homeless pregnant moms, as many lucky litters have been born in her home. Maria's four-legged family includes Eli (German Shepherd), Dino (Cockapoo), and two adorable cats who train foster dogs how to be cat-friendly (or they try anyway)! Outside of fostering dogs, Maria's many talents include photography, screening, administrative management, and expanding social media presence for the rescue.  Every animal deserves a second chance, and Maria works tirelessly towards achieving the goal of finding them the best homes.

Maria has fostered many pregnant mom's and delivered their puppies in her home for numerous rescues.

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Isabel was introduced to the rescue world when she adopted her first dog, Chaow, in 2008. Within a few years, she has fostered almost 30 dogs and is happy to have played a small role in each of their lives.  An active foster parent with Smiley Tails, Isabel always has a soft spot for senior dogs and dog-aggressive dogs, who tend to be overlooked at the shelters.  She spends some weekends at the South LA Shelter and you can find her at the play yard hanging out with the big dogs.  Isabel loves to take her fosters on fun outings and at the rescue she screens and writes bios for the dogs.  Her favorite part of the rescue?  Seeing the dogs go to wonderful homes and receiving happy updates from their parents....oh, and shedding a few happy tears in the process.

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Isabel has saved many at-risk dogs from shelters and helped rescues by fostering until their forever homes were found.

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Lynn is a talented photographer, videographer, and website designer who loves to use her creative skills towards helping the animals in need.  She manages the rescue's social media outlets and YouTube channel that feature our adoptable animals having the best time! Lynn grew up with all kinds of dogs, as well as an XL rabbit, and a visit to Lynn's home always means getting greeted by a rotating schedule of dogs.  When she isn't doing rescue work, you will find her running along the beach with her beloved rescue lab/dobie, Daisy.  Lynn has never met a dog she doesn't love and dogs are equally drawn to her sunny nature.  She believes that all animals deserve great homes and she is excited to be part of their journey to find it.

Lynn enjoys taking rescue dogs out for a day of adventure and socialization gathering video and photos for their promo package.


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