Smiley Tails is a foster-based rescue and we cannot do our life-saving work without big-hearted people like you!!!

As a foster parent, you are literally saving a life as we are able to pull another dog from a high-kill shelter.  Our fosters provide a safe, temporary home for an animal until we find an amazing permanent home for them. Smiley Tails will provide the essentials such as supplies, food, and vet visits (unless you wish to cover any of it, all donations are tax deductible!), so you can focus on giving them the love and warmth that they might not have experienced before.

Our dogs come from high-kill shelters and we try our best to evaluate them before placing them in your home, but as a foster home, you will know them better than we ever will. We require that foster homes commit to keeping the dog until they are adopted, which can take anywhere from a few days to a few months. Smiley Tails will give you as much support as possible while you are fostering one of our dogs.

Please note that you must be within an hour of Los Angeles in order to foster with us. 

Read what our amazing foster, Lauren Houseman, says about FOSTERING!

I want to tell you a story about my experience as a first-time foster. They say if you love something, you should set it free. Well, I really love dogs. I love them to the point that I was certain I could never have one in my home, to care for, to feed, and to protect, only to ‘free’ it to a complete and total stranger. Would their new home be good enough? Would that dog feel abandoned? Would I feel too sad about the goodbye to ever consider going through with this ‘arrangement’?  Well, I’m here to assure you I didn’t feel any of those things...

Lauren Bella Website.jpg

What I did feel was the support of an incredible rescue (Smiley Tails), who replied to my every message, attended our every appointment, and let me know that they had my back if at any time this situation didn’t feel ‘right’ for me. I felt the extreme pride of watching a dog (who had been let down time and time again) re-learn how to trust people. And I felt the joy of watching a once timid shelter dog blossoming day by day into their true, more confident self.On the day we (my Smiley Tailers came too ) met my foster dog’s potential adopters, I was nervous, skeptical even. Surely, no one could love this dog more than I did. For even if we had only known each other a short while, I still knew her favorite snack (boiled chicken), her favorite sound (the jangling of her leash), and her favorite party trick (catching a treat from 20 feet away). I guess I wasn’t so ready to keep up my end of the bargain and let her go, but the kind smile and open heart that greeted us there that day told me otherwise. 

They told me about their five chickens, the long walks they would all take with their new doggy sibling (who already was showing my foster the ropes), and with TWO new devoted parents that meant double the amount of delicious doggy treats! So as I watched my foster dog trot away, smiling proudly from ear to ear, I couldn’t help but smile too. Because I knew her so well. And I knew that this would be her favorite... forever.


So I guess why I REALLY wanted to tell you this story was to let you know how I love dogs so much that I’ve learned how to let them go. I hope if you love them as much as I do, you’ll consider partnering with Smiley Tails Rescue and doing the same. The old ones, the sick ones, and the shy ones could really use a hand. And who better to help them than someone who loves them so much, they’re already afraid to say goodbye.

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