Forever Foster

Smiley Tails took in a very special soul in 2019 and she is the embodiment of what rescue means to us. Her name is Lucy and we can't wait for you to hear her story!


Beaten up and battered, starving, horrific skin infection, and mommy of too many litters to count, Lucy wandered the streets of Los Angeles. It was obvious she had been living on her own for a long time and life had been a hard one. A Smiley Tails foster came upon her one day, as if she had magically appeared out of nowhere. Lucy never let her harrowing experiences get her down. She wasn't scared, anxious or angry. She lay contently in her rescuer's arms, taking in her love and comfort, while STR worked on a plan. We needed to find a foster home quickly, but where would we find somebody to take in a senior gal who appeared to be on her last legs? We posted a foster plea and somebody stepped in immediately. Unfortunately, no sooner had Lucy found herself in a home, the foster’s landlord threatened her with eviction. Needing to find a quick solution, the foster’s daughter, Nicole, and her husband, Mark, welcomed Lucy into their heart and home!

Lucy April 2019.jpg

Mark and Nicole brought Lucy into their family and here she will stay as their Forever Foster! They love this precious soul and they could never imagine uprooting her now when she knows this is her home. Lucy came to them frail and worn out, but with the love and nurturing that Mark and Nicole give to her, daily morning park adventures, and oodles of companionship from fur and human-siblings, she has blossomed and is thriving more than we could have ever hoped for. She is vibrant, strong, and you can't help but notice the forever smile she has on her face. 

Lucy Sleeping.jpg

Lucy - What a beautiful girl!

Lucy and Nicole.jpg

Thank you Mark and Nicole for being Lucy's bright light and giving her the life she so deserves.  

This is rescue and it truly takes a village! 

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