Thank you for visiting our website. We do not have any dogs or cats available for adoption at this time. Since the pandemic started, we have slowed down a bit and have been trying to keep our foster parents and STR team safe.  

We have used this time to reshape our rescue vision. Because of our areas of expertise, we are expanding our rescue to include helping other rescues and individuals with dogs or puppies who are sick or have genetic defects but, with proper treatment, can recover or can be corrected with therapy. We are still working with shelters to help animals in need.

Please check our social media for updates on our rescue efforts!

We wish you good health and safety during this time,

Smiley Tails Rescue, Board of Directors

We are a foster based rescue in Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura Counties

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Dog Trainers


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Welcome to CANIS - Behavior and Training. We are improving the quality of life for dogs and their humans through education and coaching. Our busy life and work schedules may not allow us enough time to raise our dogs the way we'd like, which could later lead to unwanted behaviors from our pets. CANIS specializes in customizing strategies for clients to be able to make the most of their time to raise the dog the way they deserve to be raised.

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